About Us

​​​Our organization is based on Christian values and our focus is youth development in our community.  We desire to inspire our youth to become their very best.

Since 2013, we have served in the East & South Knoxville area.  The impact on our students lives include loving who they are and encouraging them to do their personal best.  The BEAM (Bible-Education-Arts-Music) Community Interactive Program is aimed in partnering with families to reach and teach our youth to develop their highest potential as future leaders in Christ and community in a positive and a safe environment.

Our goal is to introduce and provide a Biblical foundation for our youth to use in everyday life applications to build healthy and positive relationships and to make sound moral decisions, in education to strive for academic achievements, art to inspire creativity, develop motor skills and provide an outlet for expression and music/movement to improve language skills, social interaction and a mood lifter. 

We also offer volunteer opportunities for high school and college students.  What a great way to be a role model!

We believe our efforts will contribute to making a strong individual, a strong family unit, a strong community and a strong nation.